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The Giving Common is a free online resource to inform data-driven, strategic philanthropic activities.

The Giving Common allows nonprofit organizations to tell their story in their own words in an organized, detailed way.  Visitors to the site can search by issue area, geography and other variables with the option to “donate now” with their credit card or through Boston Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

Although much of our region is thriving and vibrant, we know that there are also areas of great need.  From providing health care and social safety nets to enhancing our lives through education and the arts, nonprofit organizations play a vital role across the state.  Here you will find comprehensive information about these critical organizations.

We believe in the power of data to drive social change and are pleased to offer this resource to you to inform your own philanthropy.  If you find this site useful, we hope you will refer your friends and colleagues.  If you are a nonprofit professional from an organization that does not yet have a profile please visit the “For Nonprofits” section of the site and get started today.

The Giving Common team is available to respond to your questions. Feel free to email us at or call us at 617-338-1623.