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Additional Resources for Nonprofits

In addition to grantmaking throughout Greater Boston, the Boston Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and leaders through a range of work designed to support and promote effective, inclusive and sustainable nonprofits in Greater Boston. The Nonprofit Effectiveness Group at the Boston Foundation focuses on:

  • Leadership and Talent: Supporting, developing and recognizing the nonprofit sector’s leaders and building the sector’s leadership pipeline.
  • Organizational Capacity: Bolstering the operational effectiveness of individual nonprofit by providing support to strengthen core organizational capacities including planning, governance, finance and evaluation; and by supporting the sector’s capacity for collective action.
  • Resources: Facilitating a deeper understanding of nonprofits throughout Massachusetts and encouraging strategic philanthropy via the Giving Common Initiative.

Following are some additional resources available to nonprofits:

The Boston Foundation welcomes nonprofit organizations to use our conference room space free of charge.

The Giving Common Nonprofit Update e-newsletter provides information about local funding opportunities, free workshops, sector trends, capacity building resources and other pertinent content for nonprofit professionals. Email us to subscribe.

More than 200 Greater Boston nonprofits received free access to Catchafire’s online platform, which allows nonprofits to locate and engage skills-based volunteers on a variety of capacity-building projects that advance their organizational health and effectiveness.

The Institute for Nonprofit Practice educates, supports and connects the next generation of nonprofit leaders, with an emphasis on leaders of color. Since 2007, the Institute for Nonprofit Practice has worked to equip hundreds of Massachusetts nonprofit leaders with the skills, confidence and resources they need to make their organizations effective and sustainable.

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, works to strengthen the nonprofit sector in the Commonwealth through advocacy, public awareness and capacity building.

The Boston Foundation has published the two most comprehensive studies ever conducted of the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts.  The first, titled Passion & Purpose and released in 2008, identified the sector’s expansive range of organizations and roles, while issuing a “call to action” to address the weaknesses in the sector.  In June of 2012, Passion & Purpose Revisited looked at the financial roller coaster nonprofits have been on since the economic downturn.

For more information on the Nonprofit Effectiveness Group at the Boston Foundation please contact Stephanie Guidry; 617-338-4508.