How to Build a Brick Pizza Oven: A Simple Guide

Building a brick pizza oven is a fantastic DIY project that can elevate your outdoor cooking game. Here’s a simple guide to get you started.

  • Plan and Design: Choose a location with a stable, level surface. Sketch your oven plan, factoring in both size and space for cooking.
  • Foundation: Lay a concrete slab foundation for stability. This ensures your oven is level and durable.
  • Build the Base: Use cinder blocks to form the base structure. Ensure it is square and level.
  • Construct the Oven Dome: Use fire bricks to build the dome shape. A sand mold can help achieve the correct curve.
  • Chimney: Install a chimney at the front of the dome to vent smoke and draw in air.
  • Finishing Touches: Apply a weather-resistant finish to protect your oven from the elements.

Now, you’re ready to start baking delectable pizzas in your own backyard brick pizza oven!