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New Boston Pride Committee Inc

 398 Columbus Avenue, #285
 Boston, MA 02116
[P] (617) 262-9405
[F] (617) 261-1844
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EIN 04-3488006

LAST UPDATED: 02/11/2015
Organization DBA Boston Pride
Boston Pride Committee
Boston Gay Pride
Boston LGBT Pride
Former Names --
Organization received a competitive grant from the Boston Foundation in the past five years No



Mission StatementMORE »

Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility, and dignity; we educate, communicate, and advocate by building and strengthening community connections.

Mission Statement

Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility, and dignity; we educate, communicate, and advocate by building and strengthening community connections.

FinancialsMORE »

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012
Projected Income $350,000.00
Projected Expense $210,000.00

ProgramsMORE »

  • Boston Pride Week
  • Human Rights & Education
  • Latino Pride
  • Youth Pride

Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2010 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2009 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2008 (%)

For more details regarding the organization's financial information, select the financial tab and review available comments.


Mission Statement

Boston Pride produces events and activities to achieve inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness in Greater Boston and beyond. Fostering diversity, unity, visibility, and dignity; we educate, communicate, and advocate by building and strengthening community connections.

Background Statement

Boston Pride, in its initial incarnation as a protest march, began in 1970, one year after the Stonewall Rebellion in New York city, an event often called the spark that ignited the international Gay Rights Movement.
 For the next 40 years, the Boston Pride organization was an all-volunteer led and driven non-profit that continued to produce Pride-related events in early June.
In 1980, Boston Pride became one of the founding members of InterPride, the International Association of Pride Organizers. Boston Pride is still active in the international organization and in October 2012 will be hosting the 30th Anniversary Annual World Conference of InterPride, an event that draws Pride organizers from across the globe together for networking, sharing of  best practices, and educational workshops.
In 2010, the Boston Pride organization hired its first full time staff person, who reports directly to an all-volunteer Board of Directors and who works closely with all-volunteer committees. These committees organize and execute events, activities and programming throughout the year including Pride Week in June, Latino Pride in September, Youth Pride in May and Human Rights & Education programming throughout the year. A Volunteer committee recruits and trains volunteers to assist with each event and activity as needed and requested by the event planning committees.
These various committees meet regularly throughout the year to plan their respective events and work closely with the Board and Director of Development to maintain the organization's mission and vision.
The Board, staff and committees of the organization abide by internal guidelines, policies and procedures that have been developed over the years and the organization is therefore a well-oiled machine.
In addition to the work being done internally, the Boston Pride organization also works collaboratively with other community organizations on joint events and activities, cross promotional opportunities, and volunteer sharing.
Boston Pride is a proud member of the GBBC (the Greater Boston Business Council) and the MNN (MA Non-Profit Network).
Boston Pride also boasts a Green Initiative, started in 2008, which put us at the forefront of ensuring that we are careful about our impact on the environment. One of the first Pride organizations internationally to take action in this area, Boston Pride has successfully reduced trash, increased recycling, reduced our carbon footprint and continues to look at new ways to continue to remain conscientious of the world around us.

Impact Statement

For almost 42 years, the Boston Pride Committee has been producing events and activities to celebrate the significant contributions, accomplishments, and history of the LGBT Community. Each June, Boston Pride calls on the members of the LGBT community to honor the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion that commenced the modern Gay Rights movement and to commemorate the progress made since those early days of the battle for equal rights.

Over the past two years, the Boston Pride organization has grown significantly, as evidenced by the hiring of our first full time staff person, the acquisition of the annual Latino Pride and Youth Pride celebrations, and the creation of a new Human Rights & Education Committee. All of these new programs provide Boston Pride an even greater role in the LGBT Community by broadening our programmatic scope, increasing our presence throughout the year and engaging our community in new dialogues and opportunities for activism.

The Human Rights & Education Committee advocates for social justice for the LGBT Community by disseminating news, promoting dialogue, and mobilizing people to take action on issues of local, national and global significance. It is the arm of the Boston Pride organization that answers a resounding "Yes!" to the question of "Is Pride still relevant?" Even in Massachusetts, there are still instances of domestic abuse, high school bullying, and Transgender oppression. The HR&E Committee was formed to address critical issues that still adversely affect the LGBT Community.

An event-producing organization for the past four decades, Boston Pride is not content to rest on its laurels and simply keep on producing colorful, magical Parades. The organization has made strategic decisions to add important, critical and relevant programming to its portfolio so that a true end to discrimination and true access to freedom and justice may be achieved.

GOALS for 2012:

· Since hiring a marketing and public relations firm to help spread our message, Boston Pride plans to implement a successful media, marketing, and public relations campaign in 2012.

· Boston Pride will add more events and further develop its new programming, namely Human Rights & Education, Youth Pride, and Latino Pride.

· Boston Pride would like to increase our human capital, including paid staff members, committee members, volunteers, and Board of Directors. 

Needs Statement

1.  Financial support in the following programmatic areas:

Human Rights & Education: $10,000 

Youth-driven and centered activities and programs: $20,000

Latino LGBT driven and centered activities and programs: $10,000

Volunteer Management: $7,500

Marketing and Printing Needs: $20,000 
2. Increased Staffing
Since acquiring the Latino Pride and Youth Pride programs and creating the Human Rights & Education Committee, Boston Pride is in need of hiring 2-3 more staff members to help execute our expanded agenda.
3. Recruitment of new members for the Board of Directors 
With expanding our programmatic scope and increasing the number of events held throughout the year, it is necessary to develop our Board of Directors. We need to recruit more individuals with time, energy, financial resources, and community connections to serve on our Board in order to accomplish our goals.
4. Strategic Planning assistance

After experiencing unprecedented growth, we need to develop a formal strategic plan. While we have operated successfully for over 40 years, we still do not have a strategic plan in place. Having this will help us ensure that our marketing goals, staffing decisions, and development objectives are in line with our broader plan.·  

5. Diversified Support 
Boston Pride is need of more foundation and individual support and is working to build those areas of fundraising. Our current funding is based primarily on corporate sponsorships and event revenue, which are typically secured for Pride Week in June. With our new programming, we are in need of additional funding throughout the year to further develop and grow our new programming. 

CEO Statement

The Boston Pride organization is unique in that it is primarily powered by volunteers hours, effort, and dedication. We're also unique in that the events and activities we produce aim to serve, celebrate, connect and impact the entire LGBT Community. Our agenda is to unite everyone- from all walks of life, all classes, races, identities, ages, places, faiths...- for a common goals of equality. Just straight up equality. For all. In all areas of life.
The challenge for us is to continue to remind people that Pride is still a movement, a political event.  Yes, we march to celebrate, but more importantly, we march for those who can’t, for the rights we still don’t have, for the equality and justice we deserve as human beings in this state, country and across the globe. And with that, it's also difficult to convince individuals that the work done by Boston Pride is worthwhile, important charitable contribution to make each year.

Board Chair Statement

Our Board and committees donate their time and professionalism to the functioning and success of the Boston Pride. Everyone on our team has an overall passion for Boston Pride's mission and a desire to achieve success

The organization's current growth spurt, while positive and exciting, also adds new challenges and strains to our all-volunteer structure.  New staff positions need to be nurtured, volunteer board members- previously only a hands-on working board must accept fundraising responsibilities, new committee members need to be recruited to fill vacant seats at the table, finance management systems need to evolve to manage multiple program accounts...
Again, where there is growth and change, there is struggle.  Large-scale transition, even when it's for the best and on a positive upward trend can cause ripples and stress in an organization and at Boston Pride the committed volunteer Board and Committee are working to move through this current phase to a new, higher-functioning and  inspiring plateau.

Geographic Area Served

In a specific U.S. city, cities, state(s) and/or region.
Massachusetts-All Regions

Boston Pride spreads its message and seeks to fulfill its mission throughout the Greater Boston area as well as surrounding cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and New England.  Additionally, Boston Pride's membership in and involvement with InterPride, the International Association of Pride Organizers affords us the opportunity to have a global presence in the areas of LGBT Human Rights and Pride programming.

Organization Categories

  1. Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy - Lesbian/Gay Rights
  2. Youth Development - Youth Development Programs
  3. Public & Societal Benefit - Alliances & Advocacy

Independent research has been conducted on this organization's theory of change or on the effectiveness of this organization's program(s)



Boston Pride Week

The Boston Pride Committee produces a week long series of events and activities each June to celebrate and honor the LGBT community. Activities include a march, festival, political forum, block parties, Pride Day @ Faneuil Hall, and a Flag Raising at City Hall. These events draw in over 1 million people to the city of Boston.
Budget  $205,000.00
Category  Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Lesbian & Gay Rights
Population Served Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered Adolescents Only (13-19 years) Hispanic, Latino Heritage
Program Short-Term Success 

As the artistic accomplishments of the community are expressed in impressive floats during the parade, the entrepreneurial spirit of the community is captured in the festival marketplace. Speaker and panel discussions are also held, where issues of great importance are talked about and debated in an open setting. As a result, greater awareness, respect, and visibility of the community are achieved incrementally every year.

Program Long-Term Success 
Now in its 42nd year, Boston Pride has proven itself as a stable, dependable resource in the LGBT community landscape.
By holding a series of public events every June during Pride Month, Boston Pride demonstrates its commitment toward equality, awareness and inclusivity and goals of achieving and maintaining greater respect in mainstream society.
Program Success Monitored By 

Every year, estimates of event attendance are gathered and maintained by Boston Pride Committee and the City of Boston. By tracking attendance on an annual basis, Boston Pride learns what events are successful and should be replicated as well as those that should be further developed.

Examples of Program Success 

Attendance of Boston Pride events has steadily increased over the years. During its first year, XX,XXX people attended the inaugural march and festival. In 1990, attendance reached XXX,XXX. In 2011, overall attendance was estimated at 1 million. 

Human Rights & Education

The Human Rights & Education (HR&E) Committee advocates for social justice for the LGBT Community by disseminating news, promoting dialogue, and mobilizing people to take action on issues of local, national and global significance. To accomplish these goals, various events take place throughout the year. Panel discussions are held to talk about issues of great importance to the LGBT Community. A series of community forums are being held across Massachusetts as well. In these forums, the committee is speaking to the public to gauge the community’s needs and concerns. In the year ahead, the HR&E Committee hopes to further develop its program so it may better address the needs and concerns of LGBT communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Budget  $10,000.00
Category  Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Lesbian & Gay Rights
Population Served Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered
Program Short-Term Success 

By holding community forums, Human Rights and Education (HR&E) will gain a better sense of the specific needs and concerns of individual communities. A better understanding of what is needed in a town in the Berkshires versus what is needed in an urban community in Boston will be gained. Furthermore, by holding speaker panel discussions, HR&E will foment discussion and help bring about change by keeping LGBT rights on the human rights agenda. 

Program Long-Term Success 

The ultimate goal of the Human Rights and Education (HR&E) Committee is a more equitable, just society for the LGBT population. This can be measured after events by surveying the LGBT community on feelings and perceptions within local communities, which can be monitored over time.

Program Success Monitored By 

Regular committee meetings are held by Human Rights and Education, which are led by two co-chairs. Meetings are attended by members of the Board, who discuss issues with other Board members as well as the Director of Development. Full Boston Pride committee meetings are attended by a co-chair once a month, where issues and developments are further discussed with other volunteers and the President.

Examples of Program Success 

The media has been interested in Human Rights and Education (HR&E) throughout the past year. The Rainbow Times and Bay Window newspapers have taken interest in HR&E, spreading its message and promoting events to a combined readership of 133,000. 

Latino Pride

The Latino Pride Committee exists to provide educational and social events for the Greater Boston Latino LGBT community and its allies. Its goal is to create a welcoming, supportive, inclusive environment for Latino LGBT people to gather, thrive, network, and forge community connections. The program fosters inclusivity, equality, respect, and awareness during Latino Pride Week in September.  Latino Pride also seeks to further develop its program and events so that they occur regularly during the course of the year. The Latino Pride Committee plans on adding important, critical, and relevant events to the annual calendar, including panel discussions, health fairs, and community forums.

Budget  $10,000.00
Category  Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Lesbian & Gay Rights
Population Served Hispanic, Latino Heritage Latin America & the Caribbean Blacks, African Heritage
Program Short-Term Success 

By further developing its program, Latino Pride will be able to more effectively organize and execute more events for LGBT Latinos and allies that promote inclusivity, diversity, equality, respect, and awareness. The committee will be able to hold more events where LGBT Latinos can share experiences, communicate concerns, and learn with their LGBT neighbors. These increased opportunities will allow the LGBT Latino population to gather in a safe place, network professionally and socially, and thrive in the community throughout the year.

Program Long-Term Success 

The fundamental objective of Latino Pride is to foster a safe, comfortable environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Latinos can gather, network, and thrive without social and cultural stigma or shame. In time, the Latino Pride Committee seeks to increase awareness and respect of the accomplishments and identities of the LGBT Latino community.  In short, to seek to change perceptions and increase acceptance.

Program Success Monitored By 

After Latino Pride Week, the Latino Pride Committee holds a series of meetings to discuss lessons learned and best practices. Leading up to these meetings, we also evaluate media coverage and discuss attendance at our events.

Examples of Program Success  Media coverage after Latino Pride in 2011 was very favorable.  Our awards reception at Boston's prestigious Foundation Room was captured in the Rainbow Times newspaper.  XX executives and community leaders from the area were given community service awards from the committee.  XX people attended the event in total.  

Youth Pride

During a time of increased bullying and suicides among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth, Massachusetts Youth Pride seeks to increase respect, equality, inclusivity, and unity in Boston and beyond. Youth Pride strengthens community connections by bringing LGBTQ youth together and providing a safe, welcoming, affirming environment for them to reach their full potential. The program fosters diversity, dignity, and visibility over the course of Youth Pride Week in May. The committee seeks to further develop its program in order to fulfill its goals of engaging and educating the public about the issues and potential of the LGBT youth community throughout the year.

Budget  $20,000.00
Category  Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy, General/Other Children's Rights
Population Served Adolescents Only (13-19 years) Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered At-Risk Populations
Program Short-Term Success 

By further developing its program, Boston Youth Pride will be able to better plan and coordinate more events for youths under 21 years of age that promote healthy living, responsibility, dignity, self-esteem development, and self-respect. By producing more events throughout the year, the committee will more effectively demonstrate to the greater community both the potential and needs of LGBT youth.

Program Long-Term Success 

The ultimate goal of the Youth Pride program is to help cultivate an environment where gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth can realize their full potential. Over time, the Youth Pride Committee also seeks to change perceptions of the LGBT community and foster a society that is more welcoming of adolescents on the LGBTQ spectrum, so that ultimately they can achieve their full potential. Lastly, another key goal and indicator of success involves creating a greater sense of unity among LGBT youth in Greater Boston and beyond.

Program Success Monitored By 

Each year, the Youth Pride Committee holds a series of meetings to discuss best practices and lessons learned after Youth Pride Week in May. Committee members and volunteers communicate with members of the Board of Directors as well as the Director of Development during these meetings.

Examples of Program Success 

After its inaugural debut as a program of Boston Pride in 2011, Youth Pride received positive feedback from committee members, volunteers, and hundreds of LGBT youth that visited the events. Additionally, the estimated attendance was XXX during the festival on Boston Common. Media coverage through The Boston Globe, Bay Window, and Rainbow Times newspapers was also favorable.

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

The Boston Pride organization has grown significantly over the past two years, including the addition of new programs that really broaden our scope and reach of our work.  Latino Pride, Youth Pride and the work of the Human Rights & Education Committee add an increased level of commitment and outreach to our LGBT community.
As we grow programmatically, we are challenged- like many non-profits- to find new financial support for these programs in a difficult economic climate.  We are committed to diversifying our revenue stream so that our programs can continue to grow and thrive.


CEO/Executive Director Ms. Linda J. DeMarco
CEO Term Start Oct 2010
CEO Email
CEO Experience --
Co-CEO --
Co-CEO Term Start --
Co-CEO Email --
Co-CEO Experience --

Former CEOs and Terms

Name Start End
-- -- --

Senior Staff

Name Title Experience/Biography
Ms. Keri A. Aulita Director of Development
Boston Pride Committee, Director of Development
Boston, MA - 2010 - present
 Define organizational, financial and programming priorities
 Drive annual and long-range development programs
 Produce large-scale events, conferences and meetings
 Oversee all development functions
  Participate in communication, outreach, and branding goals
 Establish strong and collaborative working relationships with business, community and civic leaders
Boston Pride Committee, Vice President, Board of Directors
Boston, MA - 1999 - 2010
 Upheld mission and direction of agency
 Acted as spokesperson for organization
 Coordinated media, marketing and promotional campaigns
 Cultivated corporate sponsorships
 Served as liaison to local, city, and state governments
Fenway Health - Chair, Annual Women’s Dinner
Boston, MA - 2009
 Coordinated annual fundraising event with attendance over 1,000
 Managed and inspired event committee
 Steered auction solicitation and procurement efforts
 Promoted mission of agency and event to generate sales and increase revenue
Rogerson Communities - Director of Annual Giving & Special Events
Boston, MA - 2004 - 2010
 Produced flagship special event and develop new fundraising initiatives
 Managed annual fund and major gift campaigns
 Developed and organized membership and events for young professional group
 Supervised Development Assistant
 Provided support and direction to Board of Directors and President
 Strengthened agency’s fundraising program by increasing revenue over 300% in five years
AIDS Service Center - Special Events Manager
Los Angeles, CA - 2002 - 2003
 Created and executed fundraising events and marketing strategies
 Directed goal-driven event planning committees
 Managed event budget and administrative tasks
 Cultivated new sponsorships and volunteers
 Organized auctions, guest registration, and command center
Indieproducer - Event Production Manager
Los Angeles, CA - 2002 - 2003
 Produced first annual screenplay awards ceremony and after-party
 Orchestrated all creative and practical aspects of planning process
 Secured and directed all talent, presenters, interns, vendors
 Developed site map, stage schedule and all necessary logistics
JRI Health Assisted Living Program - Assistant Director
Boston, MA - 2000 - 2002
 Recruited, hired, trained and supervised staff of ten case workers
 Monitored and evaluated overall program functioning and client services
 Collaborated with partner agencies, funding sources and corporate office
 Mediated employee and workplace conflicts
 Facilitated staff meetings and projects
 Developed mission statement and goals with Director
 Presented workshops at national conferences
AIDS Action Committee - Program Coordinator
Boston, MA - 1995 - 2000
 Provided case management and coordination of health and social services
 Conducted intakes and assessments
 Developed and organized life skills workshop series
 Stabilized and enhanced program operations and reputation


Award Awarding Organization Year
-- -- --


Affiliation Year
-- --
Member of state association of nonprofits? Yes
Name of state association --

External Assessments and Accreditations

External Assessment or Accreditation Year
-- --


Boston Pride collaborates with over 400 organizations, including various local non-profits, health centers, corporations, local businesses, schools, and religious entities to name a few. While many of these organizations participate in our events and activities, we also regularly support, promote, sponsor, co-present, volunteer for, advance, and advocate for events, activities, and programs produced by other organizations.

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments


Foundation Comments


Staff Information

Number of Full Time Staff 1
Number of Part Time Staff 0
Number of Volunteers 21
Number of Contract Staff 0
Staff Retention Rate % 100%

Staff Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 1
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): --
Gender Female: 1
Male: 0
Not Specified 0

Plans & Policies

Organization has Fundraising Plan? Yes
Organization has Strategic Plan? No
Years Strategic Plan Considers --
Management Succession Plan Under Development
Business Continuity of Operations Plan --
Organization Policies And Procedures Yes
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
State Charitable Solicitations Permit --
State Registration Exempt

Risk Management Provisions


Reporting and Evaluations

Management Reports to Board? Yes
CEO Formal Evaluation and Frequency N/A N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency N/A N/A


Board Chair Ms. Linda J. DeMarco
Board Chair Company Affiliation Boston Pretzel Bakery
Board Chair Term Oct 2010 - Oct 2012
Board Co-Chair --
Board Co-Chair Company Affiliation --
Board Co-Chair Term -

Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Ms. Susan Alves The Bulfinch Group Voting
Mr. Sylvain Bruni APTIMA, Inc. Voting
Mr. Malcolm Carey Cell Signling Technology Voting
Ms. Linda J. DeMarco Boston Pretzel Bakery Voting
Mr. Pierce Durkin FedEx Voting
Mr. Wilfred Labiosa Cambridge and Somerville Services for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation (CASPAR) Voting
Mr. Rob Zuromski Community Volunteer Voting

Constituent Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Youth Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Advisory Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Board Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 6
Hispanic/Latino: 1
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 2
Male: 5
Not Specified 0

Board Information

Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits --
Board Meeting Attendance % 75%
Written Board Selection Criteria Under Development
Written Conflict Of Interest Policy Yes
Percentage of Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes

Standing Committees

  • Administration
  • Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
  • Finance
  • Nominating
  • Technology

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments


Foundation Comments



Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2010 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2009 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2008 (%)

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012
Projected Income $350,000.00
Projected Expense $210,000.00
Form 990s

2010 BP 990

2009 BP 990

2007 BP 990

Audit Documents

2010 BP 2010 Financial Review

IRS Letter of Exemption

IRS Letter of Determination

Prior Three Years Total Revenue and Expense Totals

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
Total Revenue $269,669 $200,768 $219,034
Total Expenses $306,278 $204,726 $246,035

Prior Three Years Revenue Sources

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
-- -- --
Government Contributions $0 $0 $0
    Federal -- -- --
    State -- -- --
    Local -- -- --
    Unspecified -- -- --
Individual Contributions $243,053 $177,008 $197,323
Indirect Public Support -- -- --
Earned Revenue $26,597 $22,981 $21,498
Investment Income, Net of Losses $19 $779 $213
Membership Dues -- -- --
Special Events -- -- --
Revenue In-Kind -- -- --
Other -- -- --

Prior Three Years Expense Allocations

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
Program Expense $192,268 $161,384 $200,362
Administration Expense $112,518 $41,779 $44,158
Fundraising Expense $1,492 $1,563 $1,515
Payments to Affiliates -- $0 $0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 0.88 0.98 0.89
Program Expense/Total Expenses 63% 79% 81%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 1% 1% 1%

Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
Total Assets $29,899 $68,745 $70,466
Current Assets $24,743 $62,303 $62,951
Long-Term Liabilities $0 $0 $0
Current Liabilities $0 $2,237 $0
Total Net Assets $29,899 $66,508 $70,466

Prior Three Years Top Three Funding Sources

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
1st (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --
2nd (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --
3rd (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --

Financial Planning

Endowment Value --
Spending Policy --
Percentage(If selected) --
Credit Line No
Reserve Fund No
How many months does reserve cover? --

Capital Campaign

Are you currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Purpose --
Campaign Goal --
Capital Campaign Dates -
Capital Campaign Raised-to-Date Amount --
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? --

Short Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities inf 27.85 inf

Long Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2010 2009 2008
Long-term Liabilities/Total Assets 0% 0% 0%

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

Historically, Boston Pride's revenue has come primarily from two sources: corporate partnerships and monies generated through events.

Not having a more diverse revenue stream is always risky, especially for an organization like Boston Pride, where much of our success depends on the weather. Knowing these risk factors, Boston Pride has managed to stay afloat and fiscally healthy by being budget conscious, securing rain insurance for outdoor events to minimize any potential losses, and working to ensure that events pay for themselves.
The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors imparts strict budget guidelines for all events produced for Pride in order to attain- at the very least- a balanced budget.
The Finance Committee also committed funds to a secured money market account for approximately three years to help develop a financial cushion for the organization.
In addition, the Finance Committee worked with Boston Pride's contracted CPA firm to automate our in-house finance system through QuickBooks.  Use of the system has allowed for more financial control and enhanced efficiency of our accounting practices.
In 2010, the Board of Directors of Boston Pride Pride Committee put forth a plan to grow the committee's revenue by hiring a Director of Development as our first full time staff person.

Moving forward, the Director of Development will operate our Corporate Partner program as well as generate new foundation and individual revenue opportunities to fund current and future programming.

Foundation Comments

Financial summary data in charts and graphs are per the organization's financial reviews for 2010 and 2009, with 2008 data per the 990.  Contributions from foundations and corporations are listed under individuals as the breakout was not available.


Other Documents

No Other Documents currently available.


The Impact tab is a section on the Giving Common added in October 2013; as such the majority of nonprofits have not yet had the chance to complete this voluntary section. The purpose of the Impact section is to ask five deceptively simple questions that require reflection and promote communication about what really matters – results. The goal is to encourage strategic thinking about how a nonprofit will achieve its goals. The following Impact questions are being completed by nonprofits slowly, thoughtfully and at the right time for their respective organizations to ensure the most accurate information possible.

1. What is your organization aiming to accomplish?


2. What are your strategies for making this happen?


3. What are your organization’s capabilities for doing this?


4. How will your organization know if you are making progress?


5. What have and haven’t you accomplished so far?