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Mission of Deeds Inc

 6 Chapin Avenue
 Reading, MA 01867
[P] (781) 944-8050
[F] (781) 944-7697
[email protected]
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EIN 22-3252651

LAST UPDATED: 01/17/2019
Organization DBA --
Former Names --
Organization received a competitive grant from the Boston Foundation in the past five years No



Mission StatementMORE »

Through the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of many donors, Mission of Deeds gives new beds, gently used home goods and furniture, free of charge, to the previously homeless and others in great need living in Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts.

Mission Statement

Through the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of many donors, Mission of Deeds gives new beds, gently used home goods and furniture, free of charge, to the previously homeless and others in great need living in Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts.

FinancialsMORE »

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
Projected Income $1,174,500.00
Projected Expense $1,169,403.00

ProgramsMORE »

  • Providing Beds and Furniture

Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2017 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2016 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2015 (%)

For more details regarding the organization's financial information, select the financial tab and review available comments.


Mission Statement

Through the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of many donors, Mission of Deeds gives new beds, gently used home goods and furniture, free of charge, to the previously homeless and others in great need living in Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts.

Background Statement

Mission of Deeds is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides purchased beds, donated furniture and basic household items, free of charge, to the previously homeless and others in great need. Mission of Deeds was created after its founder, Tony Triglione, realized that people in need often lacked essential home necessities - beds to sleep on, or a table to eat at. Many slept on the floor or ate off milk crates. Mr. Triglione identified then what remains a problem today - even if housing for the disadvantaged can be found, assistance in making a home functional, livable and stable is scarce. This is our sole purpose at Mission of Deeds and we are one of only a few organizations supporting greater Boston, and Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts that is focused on this critical niche.


Mission of Deeds was founded in 1993 by Tony Triglione, a successful business, as a grassroots effort. While many people in the community have a roof over their head (often with the assistance of affordable housing), they frequently are unable to furnish their home because of the financial costs associated with it. They are living without basic necessities that are so often taken for granted. Mr. Triglione worked with a couple of social service agencies to find clients in need of help, and received furniture and household donations from family and friends. Our growth since 1993 is considerable. From 35 people served our first year, to more than 2,600 in 2018 and 38,000 cumulatively, Mission of Deeds is an integral part of our area’s human service sector. We have built relations with over 200 social services agencies that evaluate client needs and provide our referrals. In addition, we have developed a large and deep volunteer corps of over 150 people. Mission of Deeds has built a solid track record in sound management and fiscal responsibility, growing our budget when needed and never running an operating deficit.


Mission of Deeds serves low-income families and individuals, most of whom have deeply challenging backgrounds, including the previously homeless, survivors of domestic abuse, refugees, elderly with no family, single parents, displaced veterans, victims of fire and other disasters, and those with physical and/or mental disabilities. All of our clients have incomes below the federal poverty level. Approximately 60% of those served are households with children. They are from diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Impact Statement

As an organization, our goal is very simple. We want to provide essential household furnishings and goods to every person in need who comes to Mission of Deeds while treating them with dignity and respect.


Mission of Deeds is continually looking for ways to better serve our clients. Due to hygiene concerns, in 2007 we stopped accepting donations of used pillows and in 2013 we stopped accepting used mattresses and box springs. We buy pillows and bed sets for our clients. In 2014, since many families we help have babies, we started providing cribs, which we purchase due to safety concerns. In 2015, we decided to offer bunk beds, since they are a great way to provide individual, comfortable beds for families who have limited living space. Because of safety concerns, we purchase bunk bed frames. This year, we started sending all of the donated linens to a professional laundry service before we give them to clients.


In 2018, we serviced 2,662 people, we provided beds (mattress, box spring, frame), cribs, crib mattresses, bunk beds, furniture (dining tables, chairs, sofas, dressers, etc.), linens (sheets, towels, pillows, etc.) and kitchen items (dishes, pots, silverware, toasters, etc.).


Careful stewardship of donated funds and furniture has been a bedrock belief ever since the Mission of Deeds was founded. We treat each dollar and each piece of furniture as the precious resource that it is. Providing furniture, household goods, and beds is our sole purpose, and as such, we are able to concentrate on providing this service in the most cost effective way. 85% of the funding we receive is used for direct client support; only 8% of funding is used for administration, and 7% for fundraising.


Our overall current goal is to continue doing what we are doing – provide our clients, free of charge, everything they need to make their home functional, so they have the physical items needed to improve their home life, and treat our clients with respect, kindness and dignity.

Needs Statement

One of our primary goals at Mission of Deeds is to ensure that each client leaves with all of the items that they need for their home. This may vary from client to client, some only need a bed, while others need absolutely everything to start fresh in their new home, as they move out of a shelter or transitional situation. We find that the donations of small kitchen items such as kitchen utensils, spatulas, toasters, coffee pots, kitchen towels, are not as frequent as needed. We purchase some of these items, at a low cost, with funds ear marked for this purpose but are always in need of donations of these items.


We also need to increase the number of our regular volunteers, particularly those who pick up donated furniture in our truck. We have a daily schedule of pickups, but with growing client needs, we want to add more pickups and additional volunteers. We are working with one or two large companies who offer us a handful of their staff to help with pickups once or twice a month. Mission of Deeds would love to expand on this effort.

CEO Statement

Our founder, Tony Triglione, said repeatedly that one of his main purposes in starting Mission of Deeds was “to get people off the floor.” Tony was referring to the fact that so many of our formerly homeless clients have no beds and are often sleeping on the floor before they come here.


Purchasing mattresses and box springs has been the priority from the day Mission of Deeds opened in 1993. I remember a day in 1995 when we got a delivery of ten twin mattress/box spring sets on a Friday and on Saturday gave all of them to three needy families in Lynn. In 25 years, we have given over 21,000 complete beds, without charge, to people who could not afford them.


Yet the bed program has evolved. In early years, all purchased beds were twin. We gradually added full and queen size over time. We have also expanded into purchasing new cribs and crib mattresses over the last couple of years. Our latest evolution is buying bunk beds for families with space challenges, which happen quite often. Making sure that infants and children, as well as adults, have safe, comfortable, clean places to sleep is our daily mission.


Yet it is today’s reality, not the bed program’s history, that mattered to a family Mission of Deeds serviced. This family had been victimized in another country and was granted asylum in the US. Headed by a mom with children whose ages span infancy through teens, we gave them a crib, a bunk bed and three additional twin beds. We also gave them bureaus, a sofa and armchairs, a dining set, a desk, bookcases, as well as pillows and bed linens, plus a microwave and all the items needed to set up a functioning kitchen.


By the way, this family lives in the same city where, decades ago, Tony grew up poor before becoming successful in business and starting our charity. We know he would be proud.


When I say “we” gave things to our clients, I intend it in the truest sense, totally including you, our supporters, as the crucial part of “we”. Those of us here are only your agents, coordinating your generosity and channeling it to the families who need it most.


I wish you could see the smiles, hugs and sometimes happy tears that this process generates, time after time. Come down and visit; you may see it for yourself.


It is an honor and privilege to represent you in this work. You have our constant thanks.


Bruce C. Murison

Executive Director

Board Chair Statement

Mary and her two young boys had to move suddenly because of domestic violence. As is so often the case, they were not able to bring much with them and were referred to us to help make their new empty apartment into a home.

Coming here ill at ease, Mary left with her truck full of beds, furniture, linens and kitchen items. She also left far more relaxed, knowing she had been with people with no other purpose for that hour than to help her.
It may seem a simple process - load what she needs into the truck and off she goes. Yet, there is so much more to it than that.
Our telephone staff sets Mary’s appointment. Meanwhile, our truck is at the homes of several of you, as our volunteers receive your generous furniture donations. Our client service coordinator orders and receives shipments of beds that your support provides. Our warehouse crews store the beds and furniture, then load the items Mary selects into her rented truck during her appointment.
Volunteers in our woodworking shop and our volunteer electrician check and, if needed, repair furniture and electrical items.
Drives for small items, as well as your individual donations, yield the linens and kitchenware we will give Mary. Groups of volunteers organize these items and, while she is here, prepare bags and boxes meeting Mary’s specific needs that are loaded onto her truck.
Volunteers keep client, donor and financial records. Auditors review everything annually. Our volunteer Board of Directors oversees the whole process.
That’s the abbreviated version of what happens at Mission of Deeds for 900 families every year.
No one had to do any of this. Our donors did not have to support us and our volunteers did not have to be so dedicated. Everything done for Mary was voluntary – and that is why our process works. Made up of caring people from beginning to end, and with a minimum of red tape, Mission of Deeds helps people with a level of compassion and efficiency that no large bureaucracy can match. That is why so many clients like Mary arrive nervous and leave happy.
It’s a team effort. You, our donors and supporters, are just as much a part of this as the staff who are here all the time. This literally would not happen without you. We are grateful to each of you for being such wonderful members of our team.
Christopher Barrett

Board President

Geographic Area Served


All cities and towns in Middlesex and Essex Counties of Massachusetts.

Organization Categories

  1. Human Services - Human Services
  2. Housing, Shelter - Housing Support
  3. -

Independent research has been conducted on this organization's theory of change or on the effectiveness of this organization's program(s)



Providing Beds and Furniture

Mission of Deeds provides beds and gently used household items and furniture to individuals and families in need, free of charge. We do not have separate programs other than this overall mission.


The program budget listed below is the same as our operating budget.

Budget  1,169,403
Category  Human Services, General/Other Household Goods Provision
Population Served Homeless At-Risk Populations Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent
Program Short-Term Success 

Mission of Deeds has set the following, very specific, outcomes for our organization: (1) clients have the beds, furniture and household goods they need to make their home livable and functional, so they can achieve a level of stability that will enable them to retain their housing. (2) clients feel happy and relaxed when they leave Mission of Deeds, having been treated with respect and compassion.


Mission of Deeds has been operating since 1993 and continues to increase the number of clients we help. Since inception, we have assisted over 13,000 households. For reference, Mission of Deeds counts “households” served, many of which have multiple members, so the number of people actually helped is significantly higher. Since there are very few organizations providing beds and furniture, free of charge, Mission of Deeds is providing a valuable and necessary service for the region.

Program Long-Term Success 

Mission of Deeds is dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals who are faced with hard financial decisions by providing, free of charge, the basic necessities which make a home livable, functional and stable. This is Mission of Deeds’ sole purpose. We provide the beds, furniture, and household goods families need when they move out of shelters or transitional situations and into permanent housing. We also provide beds, furniture, and household goods to vulnerable families that are already living in affordable housing, but have barely enough income to pay for rent and food. Each family permanently housed brings us closer to ending homelessness.

Program Success Monitored By 

Mission of Deeds believes in continually measuring its effectiveness in achieving established goals. Our staff and Board of Directors meet regularly to ensure that we accomplish our goals and that the needs of our clients are met in a dignified and effective manner. Mission of Deeds has a track record of meetings its objectives and we are deeply committed to accomplishing our stated plan. Using an ACT Database, we track and monitor the number of households scheduled weekly and the distribution of cribs, beds, furniture and household goods. Reports are run to review the data and ensure that the projected number of households scheduled is met. Regular use of this information provides clarity to us as to whether we are achieving our objectives, and helps our supporters understand the full impact of their investment. Financial support is also tracked and reviewed monthly.

Examples of Program Success 

Mission of Deeds continually receives letters of deep thanks from our clients, whose experiences have affirmed our belief in the power and necessity of our mission. Their words tell the story best.

A mother called Mission of Deeds the day after receiving our help, she said “my children [ages two, three and four] slept through the night for the first time”. Before we gave them beds, the family was sleeping together on a mattress on the floor, or on the floor itself.
A veteran wrote, “Thank you for your many considerations and help in getting me out of a dire situation.”
An elderly client wrote, “Thank you so much for your gifts of furniture & furnishings for my new home, my new life.”
A single mother wrote, “Thank you for the items you supplied to assist us with our new beginning. Your kindness, courtesy and respect will never be forgotten. Thanks for helping families like us!”
A client told us several years after receiving our help “I have a job, my life is coming together, thank you.”

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

We are truly grateful for the furniture and household goods donations and the financial contributions that the community provides. We know there are many worthy charities and we are humbled by the amount of support we receive. Your support keeps us continually mindful of our responsibility to do the very best job for our clients, which is what our donors, and all of us at Mission of Deeds, wish.


CEO/Executive Director Mr. Bruce C. Murison
CEO Term Start Mar 1995
CEO Email [email protected]
CEO Experience

Mr. Murison is a 1972 graduate of Tufts University. He has been the Executive Director of Mission of Deeds since 1995. He was the first Executive Director hired as the organization grew and needed full time management. He oversees all aspects of the organization. Prior to Mission of Deeds he was founder and owner of Symphony Investment Management and Vice President at New England Investments Marketing.

Co-CEO --
Co-CEO Term Start --
Co-CEO Email --
Co-CEO Experience --

Former CEOs and Terms

Name Start End
-- -- --

Senior Staff

Name Title Experience/Biography
Jody Collins Skinner Director of Development Ms. Collins Skinner became the Mission of Deeds Director of Development in April, 2017. Jody began her career as a social worker before becoming a college administrator. She has been involved in high level fundraising for many years for organizations that include Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence (WFEE), Winchester Public Schools and several local charities. Prior to becoming the Director of Development, Jody was an active volunteer at Mission of Deeds and a member of our Board of Directors


Award Awarding Organization Year
Forth Annual Peace and Social Justice Award Winchester Multicultural Network 2013


Affiliation Year
Associated Grant Makers --
Member of state association of nonprofits? No
Name of state association --

External Assessments and Accreditations

External Assessment or Accreditation Year
-- --


Mission of Deeds works with over two hundred social service agencies, religious organizations and hospitals in Massachusetts that recognize our program is a vital resource for families who are working to move out of shelters or transitional situations and into permanent housing, or are struggling to remain in their home and their community. Our partnership with these agencies is key to ensuring that clients we help are in real need and that the process proceeds with maximum effectiveness. All clients must be referred to us by an agency.

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

A committee has been formed to review our by-laws and make revisions if necessary. A committee has also been formed to review employee benefits, salaries, and succession issues.

Foundation Comments


Staff Information

Number of Full Time Staff 1
Number of Part Time Staff 10
Number of Volunteers 300
Number of Contract Staff 0
Staff Retention Rate % 100%

Staff Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 10
Hispanic/Latino: 1
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 5
Male: 6
Not Specified 0

Plans & Policies

Organization has Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Organization has Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers 5
Management Succession Plan Under Development
Business Continuity of Operations Plan No
Organization Policies And Procedures No
Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes
State Charitable Solicitations Permit Yes
State Registration Yes

Risk Management Provisions


Reporting and Evaluations

Management Reports to Board? Yes
CEO Formal Evaluation and Frequency No N/A
Senior Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually


Board Chair Mr. Christopher J. Barrett
Board Chair Company Affiliation Barrett and Scibelli CPA, LLC
Board Chair Term Jan 2019 - Dec 2019
Board Co-Chair --
Board Co-Chair Company Affiliation --
Board Co-Chair Term -

Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Eric A. Boemer Community Volunteer Voting
Candy Brower Johnson O’Connor CPAs Voting
Lori Grayson Community Volunteer Voting
Nancy Huntington-Stager Eastern Bank Voting
Catherine R. Kaminer Financial Consultant in Banking Voting
Carol C. Moriarty Lesley University Trustee, Emeriti Voting
Bruce C. Murison Mission of Deeds, Inc Voting
John J. O'Connor Birch Meadow Advisors Voting
Marianne Tompkins Community Volunteer Voting
Arthur J. Triglione Business Owner, Retired Voting
Jan Triglione Premier Realty Group, Inc. Voting

Constituent Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Youth Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Advisory Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Sven Andersen Keller Williams NonVoting
Nelson S. Burbank Retired NonVoting
James Burrow Retired NonVoting
Lynne M. Burrow Cambridge Trust Company NonVoting
Steve Burton WBZ CBS Boston NonVoting
Carolyn B Hollis Critical Concepts NonVoting
Anne Lucas Professional Organizer NonVoting
Edward G. Roche Roche Bros Supermarkets NonVoting
Edward M. Sandford Retired NonVoting
Jan Triglione Premier Realty Group, Inc. NonVoting

Board Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 12
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): --
Gender Female: 7
Male: 5
Not Specified 0

Board Information

Board Term Lengths 1
Board Term Limits 0
Board Meeting Attendance % 85%
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Written Conflict Of Interest Policy No
Percentage of Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation No

Standing Committees

  • Advisory Board / Advisory Council
  • By-laws
  • Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
  • Finance
  • Nominating
  • Special Events (Golf Tournament, Walk / Run, Silent Auction, Dinner / Gala)
  • Strategic Planning / Strategic Direction

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

Mission of Deeds has an extremely active and supportive Board of Directors. They helped us navigate through the planning, fundraising and expansion plans and played a large part in developing our Strategic Plan. The members support Mission of Deeds financially and work on a various sub-committees.

Foundation Comments



Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2017 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2016 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2015 (%)

Prior Three Years Total Revenue and Expense Totals

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
Total Revenue $1,197,850 $1,129,525 $1,171,110
Total Expenses $1,211,050 $1,127,944 $1,086,976

Prior Three Years Revenue Sources

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
$289,880 $262,531 $326,040
Government Contributions $0 $0 $0
    Federal -- -- --
    State -- -- --
    Local -- -- --
    Unspecified -- -- --
Individual Contributions $212,210 $314,327 $266,729
Indirect Public Support -- -- --
Earned Revenue -- -- --
Investment Income, Net of Losses $27,236 $26,217 $-1,979
Membership Dues -- -- --
Special Events $217,720 $104,920 $148,331
Revenue In-Kind $450,804 $421,530 $431,989
Other -- -- --

Prior Three Years Expense Allocations

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
Program Expense $1,025,479 $969,682 $921,731
Administration Expense $96,638 $56,618 $55,752
Fundraising Expense $88,933 $101,644 $109,493
Payments to Affiliates -- -- --
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 0.99 1.00 1.08
Program Expense/Total Expenses 85% 86% 85%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 12% 15% 15%

Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
Total Assets $1,261,473 $1,275,420 $1,266,445
Current Assets $987,448 $962,911 $897,674
Long-Term Liabilities -- $0 --
Current Liabilities $10,368 $11,115 $3,721
Total Net Assets $1,251,105 $1,264,305 $1,262,724

Prior Three Years Top Three Funding Sources

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
1st (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --
2nd (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --
3rd (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --

Financial Planning

Endowment Value $218,916.00
Spending Policy Income Only
Percentage(If selected) --
Credit Line No
Reserve Fund Yes
How many months does reserve cover? 12.00

Capital Campaign

Are you currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Purpose --
Campaign Goal --
Capital Campaign Dates -
Capital Campaign Raised-to-Date Amount --
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? --

Short Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities 95.24 86.63 241.25

Long Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2017 2016 2015
Long-term Liabilities/Total Assets 0% 0% 0%

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

Mission of Deeds’ track record is solid and demonstrates capable management, fiscal responsibility, thoughtful planning and a focus on growth. Our well-documented budget speaks for itself. Mission of Deeds has grown the budget if needed, but Mission of Deeds’ fiscal prudence and planning has ensured that the organization has never run in an operating deficit. As our audited financials indicate, our income and expense projections include a dollar value for donated furniture received and distributed. It is also important to note that Mission of Deeds does not receive any federal, state, or United Way funding and is 100% privately funded.  

Foundation Comments

Financial summary data in the charts and graphs above are per the organization's audited financials and financial reviews.


Other Documents

No Other Documents currently available.


The Impact tab is a section on the Giving Common added in October 2013; as such the majority of nonprofits have not yet had the chance to complete this voluntary section. The purpose of the Impact section is to ask five deceptively simple questions that require reflection and promote communication about what really matters – results. The goal is to encourage strategic thinking about how a nonprofit will achieve its goals. The following Impact questions are being completed by nonprofits slowly, thoughtfully and at the right time for their respective organizations to ensure the most accurate information possible.

1. What is your organization aiming to accomplish?

Mission of Deeds has set the following, very specific, goals for our organization: (1) Ensure that everyone who comes to us for help receives the beds, furniture and household goods they need to make their home livable and functional, so they can achieve a level of stability that will enable them to retain their housing. (2) Treat all of our clients with respect, dignity and compassion. 


We truly believe that the service we provide leads to positive outcomes. With a lamp to see with and a couch to cuddle on, parents can comfortably read to their children. If pots and dishes are owned, a healthy meal can be cooked. If there is a kitchen table, a family can gather for a meal, discussion or celebration. With a bed to sleep in, people will rise rested – adults better able to deal with work, illness, parenting, and children ready to learn. Providing these basic home necessities has an immediate and lasting impact on the people and communities we assist.


2. What are your strategies for making this happen?

Volunteers are the foundation of Mission of Deeds. We have over 100 volunteers who come to us weekly, plus many more who come occasionally. Our volunteers’ compassion, dedication and hard work inspire everyone they meet. They are our best ambassadors and ensure excellent service for our clients. Additionally, we could not help so many people without the generous donations of furniture and household goods provided by the community. 


We realize that our volunteers and donors make sacrifices to provide us the resources to help people less fortunate. We take seriously our responsibility to see that their generosity is channeled to households where it is truly needed. We partner with over two hundred social service agencies, religious organizations, schools and hospitals that recognize we provide a vital resource. Our community partners review client needs and make referrals, to ensure we are helping those with a true need and that the process proceeds with maximum effectiveness. 

3. What are your organization’s capabilities for doing this?

Our Executive Director has served Mission of Deeds since 1995, following a previous career in business and finance. His dual experience allows him to direct the organization in a path that is both compassionate toward those in need as well as fiscally prudent with donor funds. 


Our small staff includes people with a variety of backgrounds, all unified by a desire to help those in need. Before joining us as an employee, each staff member had been a volunteer with our organization. Their careers were as diverse as engineering, human services, business, education and trucking. This variety of backgrounds enables us to have expertise in many areas, enhancing our efficiency and quality of service. 


Members of the Board of Directors have extensive experience, many having senior positions in finance and industry, and all active in the community. Their contacts, experience and generous spirits enable them to effectively oversee the organization’s activities and ensure proper use of funding.  




4. How will your organization know if you are making progress?

Our staff and Board of Directors meet regularly to ensure that we accomplish our goals and that the needs of our clients are met in a dignified and effective manner. Using a management database, we track and monitor the number of households scheduled weekly, the client wait time, and the distribution of beds, furniture and household goods. Regular use of this information provides clarity to us as to whether we are achieving our goals, and helps our supporters understand the full impact of their investment. We use this information for continual learning - to identify weakness in our implementation, account for unanticipated issues and shape and reshape our efforts accordingly. 


In addition, we continually receive letters of deep thanks from our clients, whose experiences have affirmed our belief in the power and necessity of our mission. A formerly homeless family wrote, “We can’t begin to express the gratitude we have for the gift you gave us - the gift of a new life.”

5. What have and haven’t you accomplished so far?

Our growth since 1993 is considerable. From 35 people served our first year, to 2,662 in 2018 and more than 38,000 cumulatively, Mission of Deeds is an integral part of our area’s human service sector. 


We serve clients Monday through Friday and 2 Saturdays per month at our handicap accessible facility. On occasion, if necessary, we will deliver what the client needs to their residence. Donations can be dropped off, and volunteers pick up donations, Monday through Friday, and 2 Saturdays of the month. 


We are in the process of implementing a plan to strengthen our ability to serve clients. We are putting in place the infrastructure needed to increase the number of Saturdays we are open, with the goal of serving clients an average of four Saturdays per month by the end of 2019. The extra Saturday appointments will increase the number of people we help, and provide greater flexibility for our clients. Increasing Saturdays will offer more flexibility for our donors who drop off items.