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Mother Brook Arts and Community Center Inc.

 Mother Brook Arts and Community Center, PO Box 1003
 Dedham, MA 02027
[P] (978) 771-6858
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EIN 45-4631121

LAST UPDATED: 10/15/2015
Organization DBA Mother Brook Arts and Community Center
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Organization received a competitive grant from the Boston Foundation in the past five years No



Mission StatementMORE »

The mission of the Mother Brook Arts and Community Center (MBACC) is to serve as a creative driving force, educational resource and economic engine that will improve the Dedham community and stimulate growth and revitalization of the Mother Brook Neighborhood.  MBACC will accomplish this goal by providing multi- and inter- generational arts and music education programs, presenting performances and exhibits, initiating innovative community partnerships, developing and maintaining an attractive, inviting facility and providing work space for artists.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mother Brook Arts and Community Center (MBACC) is to serve as a creative driving force, educational resource and economic engine that will improve the Dedham community and stimulate growth and revitalization of the Mother Brook Neighborhood.  MBACC will accomplish this goal by providing multi- and inter- generational arts and music education programs, presenting performances and exhibits, initiating innovative community partnerships, developing and maintaining an attractive, inviting facility and providing work space for artists.

FinancialsMORE »

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013
Projected Income $5,000.00
Projected Expense $5,000.00

ProgramsMORE »

  • Artist in residence program
  • Arts Education
  • Gallery and Exhibition
  • Master classes and workshops
  • Vacation and Summer Arts Education

Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2013 (%)

Expense Breakdown (%)

No data available

Expense Breakdown (%)

No data available

For more details regarding the organization's financial information, select the financial tab and review available comments.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Mother Brook Arts and Community Center (MBACC) is to serve as a creative driving force, educational resource and economic engine that will improve the Dedham community and stimulate growth and revitalization of the Mother Brook Neighborhood.  MBACC will accomplish this goal by providing multi- and inter- generational arts and music education programs, presenting performances and exhibits, initiating innovative community partnerships, developing and maintaining an attractive, inviting facility and providing work space for artists.

Background Statement

In October 2007 State Representative Paul McMurtry initiated an East Dedham revitalization movement.  In 2010 the Mother Brook Community Group (MBCG) formed to direct energy and enthusiasm into movement for change.  An ad hoc Selectmen-appointed committee that included MBCG members held 11 public meetings in 2011 in Dedham that enthusiastically endorsed re-using the Avery elementary school as an arts and community center.
Mother Brook Community Group, the ad hoc Committee and grass roots supporters brought together a group of committed individuals to form a board of directors and Mother Brook Art and Community Center was founded by Dedham residents in February 2012.  The MBACC Board of Directors includes artists, entrepreneurs engaged in very successful for-profit arts-related ventures, individuals with real estate and development backgrounds, a State Representative, members of the Mother Brook Community Group, a union leader, and a CPA specializing in non-profit organizations.  MBACC sought and contracted with co-executive directors, both of whom have significant public and non-profit Board and professional leadership experience including with a similar arts center.
The Spring 2012 Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly to support the MBACC vision of an arts education and community center in the former Avery  elementary school.  Our non-profit is a direct response to the desire of the community to save, renovate and creatively re-use the historic school and its site in a way that will engage and invigorate the Town.

Impact Statement

As a newly formed non-profit, Mother Brook Arts and Community Center has the following goals for the next year:
*Create a community gathering place with art and artists as its foundation. 
*Develop an engaging and innovative arts education program.
*Provide a home for local and regional artists to work and showcase their work.
*Offer exhibitions and events that collect and reflect the richness and diversity of the community and the larger world of the arts.
*Work with landscape architects to develop a plan for the grounds that border the Mother Brook, this country's oldest man-made canal dating from 1639.

Needs Statement

MBACC has completed lease negotiations with the Town of Dedham for the former Avery Elementary School built in East Dedham in 1921.  This building and its site will serve as the base of our operations and will play an integral role in the success of our nonprofit.
Our most pressing needs are:
*Raise sufficient seed money to begin operations - $150,000
*Ready the building for use as an arts and community center by equipping seven classrooms (including ceramics, printmaking, silversmithing, digital/media/broadcasting) and creating ADA compliant
restrooms - $182,000
*Staff and publicize educational program - $45,000
*Prepare, rent and manage artist studio space - $62,000
*Organize, display and publicize gallery exhibits and artist talks - $34,000

CEO Statement

"Dedham has a history of tearing down its history,"  the words of a Town Selectman.  Much more than a building is lost when a school closes.  The neighborhood loses shared history, connections, interwoven interests and concerns - the fabric of life is changed.  Traditionally working class Irish, now the Town's most densely populated, ethnically and economically diverse area, East Dedham does not want to lose the Avery building. It needs and wants to regain a dynamic and vital center here.
 The Mother Brook Arts Community Center Board and staff are committed to achieving excellence in programming, collaborations and renovations. This focus will allow the former Avery School to become a creative home, an environment that will encourage the imagination of our youth, inspire and expand the lives of our adults, and attract established and emerging artists of excellence and relevance.  MBACC is committed to establishing an endowment that will provide support for scholarships and reduced program fees so that classes, workshops, performances and studio space are accessible to all segments of the population.

Board Chair Statement

In 2009, Dedham's Master Plan called for integrating artist space planning into the overall community development plan. Using the arts, the plan's two central goals are to encourage and support the revitalization of East Dedham and to identify new types of economic growth. MBACC plays a vital part in this strategy.
There are three primary challenges for MBACC:
*identification of community needs and aspirations.
*adaptation of the facility for program needs.
*implementation of a funding model.
Initial feedback from the ad hoc committee indicated that East Dedham wanted a community/arts center, not any type of housing. The first challenge for MBACC was to further define the type of center responsive to the needs and wishes of the community. Discussions were held by staff with other arts and community groups in the region which revealed areas of greatest need and demand. Members of the Dedham community were engaged to ensure that the Center appealed to a broad spectrum of the population. Board and staff met with Town officials to elicit their responses and input. These interactions of our organization and its constituents have led to a focused program approach for MBACC, an important success in this step-by-step process.
The second challenge was to figure out the ways in which to use Avery to best suit MBACC's programmatic needs. The full Board met for a facilitator- led Strategic Planning workshop. During this, our vision, core values and short and long term goals were agreed upon.  Professional help was solicited by MBACC from the Town and from experts identified by Board and staff. A detailed analysis of the building was done by staff with the aid of an architect, the Town Facilities manager, an electrical engineer and a contractor, all of whom donated their time. The result was exciting floor by floor plans for 'move in' use and plans for future renovations that create a vibrant, innovative and inclusive community center.
At the same time that the vision of the Center was being solidified, consideration of the Center's economic situation and fiscal plans were being analyzed. Building and engaging the community is crucial to the success of the Center and of it fundraising efforts. Public awareness of MBACC began through events and gatherings in private homes and at the Avery School. Informational gatherings are planned for precincts throughout Dedham. These will be followed by individual meetings with prospective donors. A membership program is being designed and will be introduced at a community wide informational party. Foundations and grant sources have been identified by staff and applications are in preparation. A grant application submitted jointly by the Town of Dedham and MBACC to Mass Cultural Council resulted in a $20,000 grant this Fall.  Fundraising remains an area of challenge for MBACC and, with the award of the Avery building lease in September, the Board and staff are focused on raising awareness and funds.
As a young man I studied art and architecture in college. Although my primary occupation has been real estate development, I have continued to study, practice and teach art and architecture throughout my life. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help make MBACC a reality - it will provide Dedham and surrounding towns with a new vitality.

Geographic Area Served

Mother Brook Arts and Community Center will serve the Town of Dedham and surrounding towns.

Organization Categories

  1. Arts,Culture & Humanities - Arts Education
  2. Community Improvement, Capacity Building - Community & Neighbourhood Development
  3. Public & Societal Benefit - Citizen Participation

Independent research has been conducted on this organization's theory of change or on the effectiveness of this organization's program(s)

Under Development


Artist in residence program

Mother Brook Arts and Community Center will solicit and engage interesting and exceptional artists to work in residence.  Our expectation is that artist-in -residence will become involved with the community, give talks, demonstrations and workshops, and collaborate with local artists on exhibitions.  MBACC will offer a limited number of short-term residencies annually.  Residencies will be two weeks to four months in duration and will involve at least one showing or artist talk.  All resident artists are expected to participate in the education program.     
Budget  12,000
Category  Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Artists-in-Residence
Population Served Adults Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)
Program Short-Term Success  MBACC will bring in artists of excellence that the community would not otherwise have extended exposure to.  We will provide varied opportunities for the community to collaborate and connect with, and learn and get inspiration from, the artists.
Program Long-Term Success  Through its artist-in-residency program, Mother Brook Arts and Community Center will become known as an arts community that is committed to the exploration of the creative process and of creative possibility in an accessible way on a daily basis.  This program is being developed in response to local demand.  Active and growing community engagement is the most important goal.  Artist talks and exhibits will be well attended and covered by local and regional press.  Collaborative art projects will engage artists and community members, encourage visits to the Center and add measurable vibrancy to the Town.     
Program Success Monitored By  The artist-in-residencey program will be a success if there is interest in the artists and their work.  This will be measured by an increase in traffic into the building and specifically to the dedicated studio;  attendance at related presentations and talks; an uptick in attendance in related subject/medium classes. 
Examples of Program Success 
MBACC will become a sought after residency among artists of note. Collaborations with Dedham youth will result in an increase in the numbers of youth that make art-related education and career choices. Collaborations with local artists will advance their careers and reputations.
An example of long-term success of bringing resident artists to MBACC's digital/media/broadcasting program would be an increase in the number of Dedham youth who develop successful careers in broadcasting.  Our founders started a broadcasting program for high school students.  A broadcasting professional was hired and a series of resident artists with expertise in different areas were brought in to teach and work with students on specific projects. Students were exposed to and became proficient in areas that, in many cases, they had not even considered earlier.  Ten years later, significant numbers of those students have achieved success as reporters, writers, on-air broadcasters, and directors.  

Arts Education

MBACC will provide multi- and inter- generational arts and music education classes.  Classes offered will include: ceramics, digital/media, silversmithing, sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing, culinary arts, music and dance.
Budget  45,000
Category  Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other
Population Served General/Unspecified Children and Youth (0 - 19 years) Adults
Program Short-Term Success  Short term success will be demonstrated by an approximately 80% of capacity in offered classes, an engaged community that participates in classes, workshops, master classes and student exhibits.
Program Long-Term Success  MBACC art education classes will provide skills to broaden individual talents that can then be successfully transferred into business, employment opportunities and careers related to art.  Exposure to art through classes will encourage interest in MBACC resident artists, Open Studios, exhibits, performances and presentations.  This in turn, will result in increased foot traffic in the community, enhancing a sense of neighborhood.
Program Success Monitored By  Success will be measured by enrollment and attendance.  For classes that are held, a questionnaire will be administered at the end of the session to evaluate the teacher, the class and overall student satisfaction.  Suggestions regarding changes in schedule offerings, class times or improvements in classes will be solicited.
Examples of Program Success  Program success is shown by enrollment and re-enrollment numbers for classes offered.  It is also shown by foot traffic and attendance at student shows and Open Studios.

Gallery and Exhibition

Beginning in spring 2013, MBACC will present a series of monthly art shows. Exhibits will be of various themes and formats, featuring a balance of established and emerging resident, local, regional and national artists.  Exhibits will be selected and scheduled with an eye toward broadening the base of understanding, appreciation, and support for the arts.  The mix will include at least one curated and one juried show each year, as well as solo, group and open shows.  The exhibit schedule will incorporate a series of artist talks and public openings.  A gallery will be created to display and sell art, photography and sculpture.
Budget  14,500
Category  Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Artists' Services
Population Served Adults Adolescents Only (13-19 years) Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens
Program Short-Term Success 
MBACC gallery and exhibit program will have the immediate effect of raising the Center's public profile, adding in future fundraising.
The program will provide interest in the activities of the building for those members of the population that might not be engaged through classes.  Exhibits with accompanying guest speakers expose the community to art while providing unique perspectives, further fostering engagement in the arts.
Program Long-Term Success 
Mother Brook Arts and Community Center is dedicated to using arts to build community.  Exhibits of different types of art will be designed to draw in a broad spectrum of our local population creating a multi-generational cultural gathering place.  By providing an inclusive space for engagement and enrichment, MBACC is working to build and strengthen connections throughout the Town and beyond.
The gallery space will highlight resident and local artists celebrating their art and encouraging the creative spirit in children, adult and senior students,  guest artists and visitors.
Program Success Monitored By  MBACC staff will attend gallery openings and exhibits to keep a count of attendance and to collect feedback.  Attendance will be a measure of what is successful and interests the public.  MBACC will keep a guest book for all gallery shows and exhibitions in which to collect names, contact information and comments. 
Examples of Program Success  this

Master classes and workshops

Master artists will be engaged to teach workshops of one to three days duration, as well classes in a series format.  Classes that consider technique, materials, style and the business of art will be taught.  For generations artists have copied and learned from the masters.  Master classes will provide opportunities for artists to work in small groups and one-on-one, to observe master artists as they work and analyze what makes them remarkable, to connect with fellow artists and develop their art communities.  
Budget  4,500
Category  Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other Artists' Services
Population Served Adults
Program Short-Term Success  Offering master classes and workshops will increase the visibility and attractiveness of Mother Brook Arts and Community Center as a resource for artists.
Program Long-Term Success  Mother Brook Arts and Community Center will become recognized by experienced artists as a center to further develop and hone their skills.  The establishment of three exemplary masterclasses that receive regional or national recognition will enhance the reputation of the Center and provide an anchor that profoundly influences the growth of art and art-related activities in Dedham.  There is building evidence that art is an effective catalyst for community engagement and economic growth. 
Program Success Monitored By  Enrollment in the offered classes will indicate whether there is a need for master classes and workshops.  Repeat enrollment will indicate whether these classes and workshops are successful.
Examples of Program Success  A very talented and widely recognized violin and viola maker was having difficulty supporting herself during the recession of the last few years because demand for new instruments fell dramatically.  While talking over her situation with a staff member, she expressed an interest in teaching and a plan emerged that would allow her to use space available in the building to teach.  She began with a three-day violin, viola and cello making workshop.  The first year she offered two three-day courses with local attendees;   the second year she offered three courses and had attendees from across the country.  Last year she offered four, turning students away.

Vacation and Summer Arts Education

MBACC will offer arts education programs for children and teens during school breaks and Summer vacation.  These programs will provide youth with an exposure to the arts that will promote a life long interest in, and curiosity about, the arts.  The shorter format for break and vacation classes lends itself to offerings grouped around a theme, vocational interest, country or activity.  Focus will be on developing excitement about, and enjoyment of, art in its many forms while exploring creativity and building skills.
Budget  28,000
Category  Education, General/Other Extracurricular Arts & Culture
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years)
Program Short-Term Success  MBACC programs will be successful if, at the end of vacation, children feel confident and excited about what they did or created or learned while taking art classes. 
Program Long-Term Success  Recent research has shown that children who experience enrichment opportunities, particularly in the summer downtime between the school year, retain skills and knowledge better. MBACC Spring break and Summer programs will provide a chance for children to do something different outside of the school year, to engage in making art: throwing a pot, learning how to make a short film, printing a series of greeting cards, learning how use watercolor paints.  MBACC strives to provide an enriched environment that will help over time to improve the educational and artistic achievements of our children.
Program Success Monitored By  Success for Spring break and Summer classes will be demonstrated by re-enrollment figures and by increases in enrollment of regularly offered classes.  A questionnaire will be given to parents and caregivers to elicit feedback about their child's experience, the facilities, the teachers, the classes and the schedule.  Teachers and CITs will also be asked to evaluate the classes and their experience.
Examples of Program Success  Although MBACC has not yet held break or vacation classes, these will be deemed successful if the community children feel safe, welcomed, and engaged at the Center.  If local kids want to hang out at the arts center, talk to artists working in their studios, putter in the ceramics studio and drag their family and friends to exhibits and gallery openings, MBACC will be a success.

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

The core values of connection and creativity are very important to Mother Brook Arts and Community Center and the citizens of Dedham.  Through the re-use of our 1921 school as an arts center, we are using arts education classes, master classes and workshops, exhibits and a gallery as ways to maintain connection to the former Avery School while providing the foundation for a new and fresh relationship. 
Dedham and abutting towns have thriving and underserved art communities.  One of our program challenges and, simultaneously, a great opportunity is how we tap into this wealth of creative talent, connect it to our arts center and develop it into something that fulfills the desires expressed by the Town.  Our community wants a welcoming safe place that offers opportunities for participation, interaction, exploration and relaxation through engaging innovative art and music classes for all ages. 


CEO/Executive Director Ms. Jean Ford Webb
CEO Term Start May 2012
CEO Email
CEO Experience
Jean Ford Webb was on the Board of Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord, Ma for four years and then served as co-Executive Director while a search for a permanent ED was underway.  In those roles she helped lead the organization through updating operational, program, personnel, tenant management and curatorial processes, conceived of and implemented the EU Sculpture Park, and co-chaired two major fundraising events.
Earlier, as a senior Economic Development consultant with Arthur D. Little, Inc., Jean worked with academic, government and corporate clients throughout the US and Canada to plan and implement technology centers of excellence.  Also at ADL, she created and managed an international management education program serving promising youth from war-torn countries.  An accomplished sculptor, Jean has shown her art in juried shows throughout New England.  Jean holds a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University and an MBA from Boston College.
Co-CEO Ms. Sarah Randolph Blum
Co-CEO Term Start May 2012
Co-CEO Email
Co-CEO Experience
Sarah served two tenures on the Board of the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord, Ma.  During her first nine year term, she oversaw fundraising and co-founded the Castles in the Air, an arts-based nursery school at the Umbrella.  After returning to the Board in 2009, Sarah served as co-Executive Director while a search for a permanent ED was underway.  During this time frame, she worked for a children's book publisher designing and teaching children's cooking and gardening classes based on the publisher's titles. 
Previously, Sarah worked for a producer of National Public Radio documentaries in documentary development and grant writing.  Sarah also worked for publisher Grosset & Dunlap in New York City and Hutchinson Publishing Group in London, England where she was Contracts Manager and responsible for subsidiary rights sales to India.
Sarah holds a BA from Wellesley College.

Former CEOs and Terms

Name Start End
-- -- --

Senior Staff

Name Title Experience/Biography
-- -- --


Award Awarding Organization Year
-- -- --


Affiliation Year
-- --
Member of state association of nonprofits? Yes
Name of state association --

External Assessments and Accreditations

External Assessment or Accreditation Year
-- --


Dedham Historical Society
Mother Brook Community Group
Dedham Conservation Commission 

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments


Foundation Comments


Staff Information

Number of Full Time Staff 0
Number of Part Time Staff 0
Number of Volunteers 3
Number of Contract Staff 0
Staff Retention Rate % 100%

Staff Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 2
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 2
Male: 0
Not Specified 0

Plans & Policies

Organization has Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Organization has Strategic Plan? Under Development
Years Strategic Plan Considers 5
Management Succession Plan Under Development
Business Continuity of Operations Plan No
Organization Policies And Procedures Under Development
Nondiscrimination Policy Under Development
Whistle Blower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy --
State Charitable Solicitations Permit No
State Registration No

Risk Management Provisions


Reporting and Evaluations

Management Reports to Board? Yes
CEO Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually


Board Chair Mr. Robert P. Miller
Board Chair Company Affiliation Calkain Companies
Board Chair Term Feb 2012 - Dec 2013
Board Co-Chair Mr. Paul McMurtry
Board Co-Chair Company Affiliation Massachusetts State Representative
Board Co-Chair Term Feb 2012 - Dec 2013

Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Mr. James P. Donahue Donahue Real Estate Company. Inc. Voting
Mr. Michael S. Downey Feeley & Driscoll, P.C. Voting
Mr. James D. Kaufman Federal Hill Investment Services Voting
Ms. Eileen Kelly Sheep Skate Yarn and Crafts Voting
Mr. Paul McMurtry Massachusetts State Representative Voting
Mr. Robert P. Miller Calkain Companies Voting
Mr. James E. O'Brien MBTA, Engineering & Maintenance Voting
Mr. Peter H. Reynolds FableVision Voting
Mr. Timothy W. Williams Principal Builders Inc. Voting

Constituent Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Youth Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Advisory Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Mr. Joseph Heisler -- NonVoting
Mr. Paul Reynolds FableVision NonVoting

Board Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 9
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 1
Male: 8
Not Specified 0

Board Information

Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 3
Board Meeting Attendance % --
Written Board Selection Criteria Under Development
Written Conflict Of Interest Policy Under Development
Percentage of Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of In-Kind Contributions 100%
Constituency Includes Client Representation Yes

Standing Committees

  • Board Governance
  • Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
  • Fiscal Affairs

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

MBACC is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Board understands and embraces its responsibility to ensure the excellent management of MBACC by hiring and supporting the work of an executive director, developing and approving strategic plans, evaluating and strengthening programs, ensuring appropriate financial resources, providing financial oversight, building a competent board, ensuring MBACC's legal and ethical integrity and serving as ambassadors for the organization and its mission.  We are fortunate to have a Board who bring diverse and complimentary skills - every Board member provides in-kind donations to MBACC.   
The Board is very energetic and committed to the organization and its mission.  Our challenge is how to maintain that level of energy and commitment through the early stages of rapid growth.  To address this we are working to grow the Board by a few members.  We will also continue to develop our long term strategic plan.
Like most nonprofits, we will need a highly effective fundraising operation to succeed.  This is a top priority for MBACC and we are working with accomplished advisers to increase our development capacity.

Foundation Comments



Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2013 (%)

Expense Breakdown (%)

No data available

Expense Breakdown (%)

No data available

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013
Projected Income $5,000.00
Projected Expense $5,000.00
Form 990s

2013 Form 990

2012 Form 990

Audit Documents --
IRS Letter of Exemption

IRS Letter of Determination

Prior Three Years Total Revenue and Expense Totals

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
Total Revenue $94,664 -- --
Total Expenses $81,455 -- --

Prior Three Years Revenue Sources

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
-- -- --
Government Contributions $0 -- --
    Federal -- -- --
    State -- -- --
    Local -- -- --
    Unspecified -- -- --
Individual Contributions $26,673 -- --
Indirect Public Support -- -- --
Earned Revenue $420 -- --
Investment Income, Net of Losses -- -- --
Membership Dues $95 -- --
Special Events $16,579 -- --
Revenue In-Kind -- -- --
Other $50,897 -- --

Prior Three Years Expense Allocations

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
Program Expense $46,814 -- --
Administration Expense $30,641 -- --
Fundraising Expense $4,000 -- --
Payments to Affiliates -- -- --
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 1.16 -- --
Program Expense/Total Expenses 57% -- --
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 9% -- --

Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
Total Assets $24,879 -- --
Current Assets $24,879 -- --
Long-Term Liabilities $0 -- --
Current Liabilities $9,292 -- --
Total Net Assets $15,587 -- --

Prior Three Years Top Three Funding Sources

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
1st (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --
2nd (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --
3rd (Source and Amount) -- --
-- --
-- --

Financial Planning

Endowment Value --
Spending Policy N/A
Percentage(If selected) --
Credit Line No
Reserve Fund Yes
How many months does reserve cover? --

Capital Campaign

Are you currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Purpose --
Campaign Goal --
Capital Campaign Dates -
Capital Campaign Raised-to-Date Amount --
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? Yes

Short Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities 2.68 -- --

Long Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2013 -- --
Long-term Liabilities/Total Assets 0% -- --

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

MBACC's commitment to excellence in programming, collaborations and renovations will help us to become a creative home/environment that attracts artists of excellence and relevance that inspires imaginations and expands lives.
In planning this project, MBACC surveyed numerous similar non-profit ventures and worked with artists, curators, architects, engineers, cost estimators, a strategic planner and development professionals to set expectations regarding funding sources, capital and programming costs, renovation and maintenance costs and staffing needs.
Our Board of Directors has analyzed financial statements and tax filings of dozens of similar centers and used those to generate expectations for support, plan the programming mix, and establish a reasonable operating budget.  The capital budget has been developed with architects, professional cost estimators and fundraisers.   As we move forward, we face the challenge of raising seed money and operating funds and designing an effective capital campaign.
Financial support for this unique facility is being generated from individual donations, family foundations, local businesses and corporations. Annual operating costs will be funded by rents, tuitions, donations and grants. The ratio of earned/unearned income in the operating budget is estimated to be 70%:  We expect that 40% will be funded from rentals;  30% from tuitions and program fees;  and 30% from fundraising and events.
MBACC, in conjunction with the Town of Dedham, applied for a Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) ArtistLink grant.  In November we were awarded a grant to implement a community engagement plan. We have been encouraged by MCC to apply for a facilities grant.  MCC has also provided us with an exciting and important opportunity by expressing its intention to work with us to develop our project into a model for use by other communities. 

Foundation Comments

Mother Brook Arts and Community Center (MBACC), a newer nonprofit, recently received its own 501(c)(3) status per the IRS, as the May 3rd, 2013 dated document posted above indicates. Previously, MBACC was briefly fiscally sponsored by the Dedham Historical Society; therefore, no financial documents for MBACC are available. Financial documents will be posted as they become available.


Other Documents

No Other Documents currently available.


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