How to Calculate Moles in Chemistry

Calculating moles in chemistry is essential for understanding chemical reactions and stoichiometry. Here are the steps to find the number of moles:

  • Identify the substance’s mass (in grams).
  • Locate the molar mass of the substance (g/mol) from the periodic table.
  • Use the formula: Moles = Mass (g) / Molar Mass (g/mol).

For example, to calculate moles of water (H2O):

  • Mass of water: 18 grams.
  • Molar mass: 18 g/mol (H: 1 g/mol, O: 16 g/mol).
  • Calculation: Moles = 18g / 18 g/mol = 1 mole.

This simple method helps in understanding chemical quantities and ensuring accurate measurements in laboratory settings.